Maintain Fax/E-mail Devices (FX01)
Maintain Default Messages (FX09)

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Enter E-Mail Information
Set Up E-Mail in Forms eXpress

Email General Information

The E-mail programs handle e-mailing POs, Orders, Invoices and Statement forms as well as e-mailing reports from any program that can be printed to paper. For example, the Print Stock Status Report (IC83).

You can either use the e-mail functionality to print certain forms ‘On Demand’ or in ‘Batch’.

  • The 'On Demand' process opens the ‘Enter E-Mail Information’ window that allows you to E-mail forms or documents to a single e-mail address. When e-mailing documents ‘on demand’ the ‘Enter E-mail Information’ dialogue panel opens. For more information about On Demand processing using the e-mail functionality, click here.

  • The 'Batch' process allows you to e-mail specific documents in bulk to specified e-mail addresses configured in the Maintain Customer Master (SU13), Maintain Supplier Master (PO11) and Maintain Support Tables/Sales Reps (SU09) programs. When documents are e-mailed in bulk you are required to select the appropriate device from the Printer Selection panel. For more information about Batch processing using the e-mail functionality, click here.

When the E-mail module is installed on your system a directory path is configured where all unsent emails reside. If for any reason an Enterprise document does not reach the intended email destination you can retrieve the document from this directory and send it again without having to access the program that generated the PDF file.