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Internet Fax Group Accounts (FX07)
Execute Fax Client (FX99)

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MyFax Overview

Fax System - Systems Functional Overview:

Enterprise Fax enables three types of faxing from Enterprise programs:

  1. Batch Faxing
  2. Demand Faxing
  3. Report Faxing

Here are some additional details on each of the types of faxes used by the Fax system:

  1. Batch Faxing - automates the process of faxing Invoices, Credit Notes, Statements and Purchase Orders. You can configure Invoice/Credit and Statement faxing on a customer by customer basis using the Maintain Customer Master (SU13) program. Purchase Orders can be configured Supplier by Supplier in the Maintain Supplier Master (PO11) program. When a Batch Faxing enabled program is run both a fax device and printer device are selected and the appropriate device is used according to the fax settings for the customer or supplier.

    Batch Faxing from the Print Invoices & Credit Notes (IN42) and Print Purchase Orders (PO42) program can group multiple documents to be faxed to the same client into one fax transmission to decrease the time and expense when long distance charges are a factor. This feature is enabled by selecting the Customer Invoice Print Sequence (CC00/Invoicing) and the Supplier Print Sequence (CC00/Purchasing).

  2. Demand Faxing - from display or transaction programs allows you to send the current document through the fax gateway. This feature is supported in programs such as Enter Orders & Quotes (OE30), Enter Invoices, Direct Bills & Credits (IN41), Display Invoices from History (IN45) and Create Purchase Orders (PO40). If the customer or supplier from the document has a fax number on file in SU13 or in the Maintain Purchasing Info (PO13) program, it will be retrieved for use in the fax dialog.

  3. Report Faxing - can be used to send any report from Enterprise through the fax gateway. This functionality can be enabled for specific programs and access to those programs can be controlled using Enterprise's Operator Password & Privileges (CC03) program or it can be enabled for general use.