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When you use MyFax, you can have a single account or multiple accounts that are set up with MyFax directly. For details on MyFax, their rates, and how their service works, please visit

  • MyFax offers two types of services: one for personal and small business use, and another for corporate use. A MyFax representative will work with you to choose the service that best meets your organization's needs.

  • Based on your requirements, MyFax determines:

    • whether you will require a single account (1 user ID and 1 fax number) or multiple accounts (multiple user IDs and multiple fax numbers),
    • whether you will be using the Email Fax (SMTP) fax method or the Web based Internet (XML) fax method, MyFax assigns these methods based on monthly fax volume. When setting up the MyFax programs in PointForce Enterprise (PFE), you will need to know the method MyFax has assigned to your account(s). If you are unsure which method your company is using, please contact your MyFax representative for clarification.

  • To use MyFax you will require WIN2PDF software to be installed on your PC.

Setting up MyFax in PFE 6.0 and higher:

You must set up the following programs in PFE in order to successfully run MyFax:

  1. Company Control Initialization (CC00/Forms Express) - you must ensure that the 'SMTP Server' entered in the Email Server Information section is set to your valid SMTP Mail Server name.

  2. Maintain Printers (CC97) - depending on the type of fax system you are using, you must set up a "printer" entitled TFAX (for Email Fax (SMTP)) or IFAX (for Internet Fax (XML)). In either case, the device type must be set to 'Fax'.

    • You must also click on Link. The Printer Link Setup window opens. Select WIN2PDF from the 'Name' field drop list in the Windows section.

      • If WIN2PDF does not appear in your drop list, then you do not have WIN2PDF installed on your PC. You must install WIN2PDF on your machine before you can complete the printer set up for MyFax.

  3. Maintain Fax/E-mail Devices (FX01) - in the Device field, you must select TFAX or IFAX. Fax Devices are set up in CC97.

    • Once you select either option, accept the default values that display in the fields on FX01 and click Update/Submit.

  4. Internet Fax Group Accounts (FX07) - set up your MyFax Group Accounts. Whether you have a single account with MyFax or multiple accounts, you must set up a minimum of one Group Account in FX07. The parameters for each Group Account are maintained in FX07. Group Accounts are then assigned to operator/company records in CC03.

  5. Maintain Operator Password/Privilege (CC03/Company Access) - on the Company Access folder of CC03, you can assign operator/company records to MyFax Group Accounts in the MyFax Group Acct field. As operators are assigned to MyFax Group Accounts, the list of operators in FX07 dynamically updates.

    • If you want to delete an operator/company record from a Group Account, you must do so using CC03.

  6. Customer Master (SU13) - the 'Send Statements' and the 'Send Invoice' fields now contain two MyFax fax options:

    • I-Internet Fax (XML)
    • T-Email Fax (SMTP)

    For customers requesting fax statements, select the option that matches the MyFax configuration used by your company. You must also enter a fax number in the header section for the current Customer.

  7. Maintain Supplier Master (PO11) - the 'PO Send Method' now contains two MyFax fax options:

    • I-Internet Fax (XML)
    • T-Email Fax (SMTP)

    For suppliers requesting fax statements, select the option that matches the MyFax configuration used by your company. You must also enter a fax number for the current Supplier.

  8. Now when batch faxing occurs (AR85, IN42, PO42), or when on demand faxing is used with the Send To feature of PFE, the new MyFax service will be used.

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How the Email Fax (SMTP) Option Works:

  • You may be wondering how an email with a PDF attachment ends up getting faxed to a customer's or supplier's fax machine. MyFax is an Internet fax service. Their SMTP Email integration option is designed to accept emails from you with a PDF attached containing the details you wish them to fax for you. When MyFax receives an email from you, they fax the attached PDF contents to the fax number identified on the email.

    • When you send an Email Fax (SMTP) fax, the content from PFE is bundled into a PDF page(s) using Win2PDF software.

    • An email containing the PDF data is then prepared with the send address formatted as follows: recipient's fax number followed by, for example ''. The 'From' email address is automatically populated with the email address entered in the 'From Email' field for the Group Account in CC07 associated with the current operator.

    • Your SMTP Email Server then emails the PDF to

    • When this email is received by, MyFax matches the 'From' email address to a valid account.

    • With the email address verified, the PDF is then faxed to the appropriate fax number that was prefixed to the email address.

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How the Internet Fax (XML) Option Works:

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