System and Password Controls

Calendars (CALENDAR)
Company Control Initialization (CC00)
Operator Pswds & Privileges (CC03)
Password Overrides (CC04)
Company Languages (CC17)
Countries (CCCOU)
States and Provinces (CCCOUSTAPRO)


The System/Password Controls module contains programs that define the way in which Enterprise is set up. Here is a list of the programs and a brief explanation of their function:

  • CC00 Company Control Initialization

    • This program defines the parameters that effect the modules operating within Enterprise. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Invoicing, Order Entry, and Purchasing are but some of the modules included in Enterprise.

  • CC03 Operator Passwords and Privileges

    • This program defines Operator logins and passwords as well as identifies the Companies, Systems and Jobs that an Operator can access. Access rights for executing, updating and deleting may be assigned to each system/job entry for an operator code.

  • CC04 Password Overrides

    • Override passwords are used to allow Operators to perform functions that would normally not be allowed. In this way, an additional level of security is afforded to features that a Company may not wish all of its employees to use.

  • CC17 Company Languages

    • This program allows the creation of one or more languages in the Company Language master file. It is important to note that specific sub-systems, such as Support, have language files of their own and use them to denote the default language for that system.

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