Job Stream


Features of Job Stream

  • Optimize System Resources - The Job Stream module can be used to off-load processes that do not need to run at peak times. For example, some customers with very high invoice volumes prefer to run all of their invoice scheduling and registers in the middle of the night when the server and printers are otherwise idle. This leaves the server and printers available during the day for the processing and printing of more immediate jobs.

  • Key-Point Processes - Many customers choose to set up routines that are always run at pre-set times as one Job Stream Group, in order to lessen the administration effort involved in running each job individually. For example, "Day End", "Week End", and "Month End" routines may be defined once, and then simply set up as Job Stream Groups to be run at the appropriate times. Again, the Day End routines often run in the middle of the night when the system's resources are not required for immediate processes, while the Week End and Month End routines can be set up to run over a weekend. Setting up the Job Streams in advance also ensures that all of the standard reports that companies often run at predetermined times during a business cycle won't be overlooked.

  • Record, Group - The Session Parameters page allows you to record the programs you want to include in an existing or in a new group. When you complete a recording, the Job Stream Program Groups and Responses (JS02) can be used to edit the Job Stream, add variable prompts if necessary and group many small Job Streams together to create a flexible system of master Job Streams such as Day End, Week End and Month End.

  • Play The Job Stream Processing (JS25) program allows you to play previously recorded Job Streams. A Start Time can be configured so that the program can be set up to execute before the end of the business day but start processing at a later time.