Technical Notes

Additional Information
Backup Process
Backup Exec/NTHOST Port Conflict

Enable Autologon for Win Server 2000/03
Enable Autologon for Win Server 2008

Installing PFE Client on 2008 R2 Server

Hosting PFE and iTopia
PFE 6.3 Client Update
PFE Migration btwn Windows Servers

iTopia Hardware & Software Requirements
Pack Station Hardware Requirements

Startup and Shutdown of PFE & iTopia
Tech Guide for Users w/PFE & iTopia

Licensing Microsoft SQL Server 2008/R2

Linux Defined Printers Not Printing
Parallel Dot Matrix Printer

ODBC Data Security
ProvideX SSL
Samba-2003 ADS Authentication

Vista Support Announcement
Windows 7 Support Announcement

WindX Disable Security for PFE 7.2 Installations