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Report Archive Portal

The Report Archive captures all data elements from each Register/Report as you enter the acceptance codes in PointForce Enterprise (versions 6.0 and higher).

  • The audit hard copy reports are typically produced from temporary files that are erased after the acceptance codes are entered. Enterprise provides you with a static, hard copy representation of the data in your Registers/Reports and in the PointForce Enterprise system, there is no mechanism to reproduce the Register/Report after the acceptance codes are entered.

  • PointForce iTopia uses iTopia Replication to instantly transfer the data to an SQL database, creating a data structure unique to each Register and report. Once in the database, the data is available for you to work with.

  • The Register/Report data in PointForce iTopia is presented various views.

    • These Views are not an exact copy of what was printed in PointForce Enterprise. The data is broken down into its component parts and these parts are linked together through iTopia.
    • You can also search for information across multiple Registers through the iTopia Drill Through technology.

  • You can personalize, search and sort the data in each View.

  • You have the option to export the data to Excel for further manipulation.

  • The data, such as your Registers/Reports, will always be online and available for you.

  • Using a browser-based interface, you have access to all elements in every Register.