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The Packing Station (PS) is a module offering an automated Packing and Shipping process for Enterprise clients. Packing Station is made up of two main systems: the Packing System (PS30) and the Shipping System (PS41). Together these two systems provide control, management, and visibility of the manual warehouse packing and shipping processes. In order to effectively use Packing Station, a number of Maintenance systems accompany the PS30 and PS41 programs.

Packing Station offers many benefits:

  • Improves the visibility of the Sales Order status through the Packing and Shipping processes. This allows for improved customer service enabling operators to respond to virtually any inquiry on the status of an Order during its journey through the warehouse.
  • Automates packing controls to ensure the Sales Orders are always built and shipped to your customers accurately.
  • Dramatically reduces your customer's claims and returns through improved picking and packing accuracy.
  • Integrates with hand-held scanners to improve the speed and accuracy of data input. For example, the Sales Order number, Packing No., Carton ID, Picker ID, product bar codes can be easily scanned where appropriate.
  • Reduces the need for checkers to validate that the pickers have pulled the correct items for the orders.
  • Encompasses an easy-to-use interface with a touch screen design.
  • Updates the Sales Order shipped quantities with the confirmed packed quantities to eliminate the need for Invoice data entry and improved accuracy of Inventory Control. For example, the need for manual data entry of shipped and back ordered quantities during the Invoicing process is eliminated.
  • Integrates with the EDI process, thereby reducing the redundancy of building the ASN carton contents. The ASN process will be dramatically streamlined when the Packing Station is used.
  • Produces reports and statistics for analytical review. For example, Picker accuracy.
  • Flexibility is built into the system by allowing Operators control of their sessions based on parameters defined at the company and operator levels.

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