EDI Processing

EDI Master Processing
Document Upload/Download
Sales Order Generation
PO Ack/Reverse PO Generation
Inbound Report Generation
ASN Generation
Inbound PO Ack Generation
Warehouse Ship Advice Generation
Document Export

Additional Information
Typical EDI Cycles

EDI is the electronic exchange of information between Trading Partners of common business transactions like Invoicing, Purchasing, etc. For each transaction type, there is a basic template. As part of an Enterprise EDI implementation, you must purchase the individual templates that are required for your implementation.

While Enterprise's EDI applications (transaction sets) are standard, the way in which individual Trading Partners use the transaction sets is unique to each Trading Partner relationship. As a result, the data on a template as used by a Trading Partner must be mapped into the Enterprise EDI module. The mapping software used with EDI is ProEDI. Most of the ProEDI set up will be handled by the Enterprise EDI Implementation team.

For more information on the programs used within the EDI module, click on the links above.