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The Warehouse Management module provides an interface between the Warehouse Management paperless warehouse management system and the PointForce Enterprise (PFE) inventory system.

When integrating with a warehouse management system (WMS), the PFE system relinquishes control of all inventory management to the WMS. Inventory information on the PFE side is kept synchronized to the warehouse through slight changes to existing programs and processes. These changes are defined in the overview document.

When you integrate an external WMS with PFE:

  • Transactional information is passed between the two systems to streamline invoicing and receiving processes.

  • Orders and purchase orders are entered in PFE and then transferred (downloaded) to WMS for shipping/receiving.

  • Actual shipping and receiving information entered in WMS is then transferred (uploaded) to PFE for the automatic generation of invoices for orders and controls for the receiving of stock.

  • Stock adjustments and physical stock counts entered in WMS are transferred (uploaded) to PFE to keep the inventory systems synchronized.

For more information on the programs in the Warehouse Management module, click on the links above.