User Defined Fields

Inventory Master
Product Information Sheets

User Defined Fields are used to maintain additional information that is not captured in any of the Enterprise tables.

These fields are for your company use only. Any information maintained in the user defined fields is not updated in any of the Enterprise programs.

You can display and maintain information for the User Defined Fields on the UDF folders of the following programs:

  • Maintain Inventory Master (IM13)
  • Generator Product Information Sheets(IM82)

Creating User Defined Fields is a two step process regardless of which program you intend to use these fields in.

  1. You must first define the fields through the User Defined Data Definition programs. These programs define the field type and size.

  2. Once the fields are defined you must assign them to a specific UDF panel. This procedure is accomplished though the User Defined Panel Definition programs.

UDF fields can also be reported on through Crystal Reporting.

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