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The Inventory Maintenance System provides the facility to maintain product information and to manage and alter prices. Outlined below are the basic functions of the Inventory Maintenance System:

  • Maintains the inventory master file.
  • Prints inventory master lists, check lists, price lists and condensed lists.
  • Deletes inventory records provided there are no sales, back-orders or purchase orders outstanding for the product.
  • Maintains special pricing and product group discounts through Customer Special Pricing tables.
  • Prints special price lists by customer showing the pricing structure for that customer.
  • Maintains flyer-pricing tables.
  • Maintains future selling prices and future customer special prices.
  • Provides a selling price recalculation program.
  • Maintains product substitution master file.
  • Maintains the inventory set master file, which lists the product components that make up an inventory set.
  • Maintains the model and option master file, defines model groups and provides a list of models and their components.
  • Maintains user-defined information.
  • Maintains customer part number cross-reference.
  • Allows for maintenance by product code, serial and lot number control flags.
  • Allows for a second level of security to be maintained by inventory adjustment type code.
  • Allows for maintenance of a general ledger inventory adjustment-relating table for automatic update to the General Ledger when stock adjustments are processed with the maintained codes.