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"Service Contracts": SE/CT Programs

The Service module, along with the Contracts module, is designed to meet the needs of a variety of distributors and repair organizations. These modules work well in environments where products are returned for repair or warranty work and there is a need to track this work, or for an extensive operation with technicians in mobile vans carrying inventory and visiting customers.

  • The Contract module allows you to create contracts, configure billing programs, establish preventative maintenance schedules and manage contract renewals.

  • The Service module allows for the creation, dispatch, tracking, and billing of service work orders. Work orders can be performed as a part of a contract, or can be done on a time and materials basis. Parts, time and other changes can automatically generate warranty claims.

  • The Service System also comes with a series of reports to track performance and efficiency of the service department.

  • The Service module is fully integrated with the inventory control, purchasing, invoicing, sales analysis, accounts receivable and credit management systems.

Here are some of the features of the Service module:

  • Service Call Estimating - the Service system is an integrated order and quote generating system. It is possible to create a complete estimate for the service work order, and fax it to the client for approval.

  • New Service Calls - when entering a new service call, a brief summary of the site's history of service calls and equipment is easily accessible. Data entry is quick and a minimum of information is required to open a new call if speed is required.

  • Service Call Tracking - Service calls can be tracked, and are referenced by customer, location, equipment, serial number, and technician.

  • Fully Integrated - look ups and displays are available within the dispatch screen for customer numbers, equipment, serial numbers, technicians, contract information, service history, and inventory status. Activities in Service/Repair update Inventory Control and Accounts Receivable in real time.

  • Part Tracking - this advanced Inventory Control system supports the tracking of your parts inventory throughout the service cycle. This includes the ability to track transfers from warehouse to service, service to service, service to customer, customer to service, and service to warehouse. You always know the status of the parts inventory.

  • Folder Menu Format - the details of the service call are presented in a folder format, allowing easy access to appropriate information. The folders are: Dispatch, Parts, Time, Other Charges, Job Description, Dates, Close, Notes and Preventative Maintenance.

  • Quick and Easy Data Entry - look ups, default values, alternate values, and quick codes for notes are easily accessed. Finding an existing call, entering information about a call, or closing a call is designed to be lightning fast.

For more information on the programs used in the Service module, click on the links above.