Who to Call at Tecsys

This topic is designed to give you a quick list of contact points within Tecsys for all of your PointForce Enterprise (PFE) or PointForce iTopia (PFiT) issues, questions or concerns.

    Reason/Need to Contact Tecsys Email/Telephone
    Customer Care Portal https://customercare.tecsys.com
    Support via email smbsupport@tecsys.com
    Support via telephone 905-752-4550 press 1
    Client Care Website Requires special login, for setup:
    General Information smbinfo@tecsys.com
    Sales Information smbsales@tecsys.com
    Consulting smbservices@tecsys.com
    Custom Modifications smbservices@tecsys.com
    Hardware Information smbservices@tecsys.com
    Online Help http://help.pointforce.com
    Online Help Feedback smbhelpmaster@tecsys.com
    New Development Ideas smbproductplan@tecsys.com

When you call for Support and press 1 for the support desk, one of the following will occur:

  • You will be transferred to someone who will take down the information we need in order to diagnose the issue, you will be given a reference number, and you will be informed of how many calls are ahead of you in the queue.

  • Your call will be routed to voice mail. Please leave a message with the following details:

    • Your name.
    • Your company.
    • Your telephone number and extension.
    • The program you were running when the error occurred.
    • The error number if you can see it, e.g. Error 11, Error 47.
    • The statement number, if applicable, e.g. stmt 47010, stmt 37920.
    • Any other appropriate details, e.g. now we canít print picking slips, or the error is happening to everyone.