WindX Disable Security

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When installing the Enterprise Client Update (ECU) for PointForce version 7.2.0, you must install the latest version of WindX to launch PxPlus (Providex) programs.

  • During the installation process, the system will prompt you to enable WindX security.

  • The default is Enable, however we strongly recommend that you disable WindX security.

  • Here is an example of the WindX Security Check message:

  • Ensure that you click Disable.

If you enable this option in error, follow these steps to disable WindX security:

  1. With a Providex program open, such as IN45, clear the existing WindX security settings by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-INSERT keys.

  2. The system will prompt you with a message asking if you want to reset all authorization/security settings.

  3. Select the option to clear the settings.

  4. The WindX Security Check message opens again (see image above).

  5. Click Disable.