Hardware Requirements for Packing Station

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Each Packing Station shall consist of the following hardware:

  • 1 PC with a minimum configuration of:

    • Pentium Dual Core processor 2.0GHz or greater
    • Windows 7 (Professional or Enterprise Edition; both 32 or 64 bit versions)
    • Network Connectivity to Enterprise Server (hardwired or wireless)
    • Video Card with capability of displaying 16 Million colors
    • Sound Card and speakers (for audible warnings during packing/shipping)
    • 4 GB RAM or greater (32 bit OS only supports up to 4 GB)
    • 80 GB HDD or greater
    • Mouse and Keyboard
    • USB ports, enough for all hardware requirements in the Packing Station setup
    • Serial port (required for connecting Weigh Scale)

  • 17" Monitor or larger with capability of displaying 1024x768 resolution

    • Default setting: Windows Default Large

  • 1D or 2D barcode scanner with either USB cable or cordless scanner and USB Cradle such as:

    • 1D cabled: Zebra LI2208
    • 1D cordless: Zebra LI4278
    • 1D/2D cabled: Zebra DS6708
    • 1D/2D cordless: Zebra DS6878

  • Zebra printer supporting ZPLII printer language (such as Zebra ZT410) to print Carton ID and MH10 labels. A single printer can be shared among all Packing Stations; but then should be a network printer.

  • HP compatible Laser Printer to print Packing Slips, Carton Content Forms, and Bills of Lading (impact printing of these forms is not an option in PS). These can also be network based printers.

Important Note:

  • Packing Station requires an HP compatible Laser printer to print the picking slips. If a user is currently working with an impact custom form, adoption of the new Laser Picking Slip is also required for use with Packing Station.

  • It is recommended that even if only a single Packing Station is required, a redundant Scanner, Zebra printer and Laser printer are available in case of hardware failure. If two or more Packing Stations will be implemented, redundancy is built in to these multiple Packing Lanes.

  • To reduce cost, it is recommended that you select Zebra printer models that use the same consumables (E.G - ribbons and label rolls).

  • If printers are shared, it is recommended for them to be setup as network printers (not slaved/shared off of workstation). Network printers are the best option.

Hardware Optional

  • Weigh Scales (can be connected serially for weighing in Packing (PS30) or Shipping (PS41) to each station required to weigh cartons):

    • Toledo PS60 Serial connectivity