Retail Sales

Process Cash Counter Invoices
Process Store Sales Summary

Enterprise provides the Retail Sales module for Companies with retail outlets or cash counters in the Warehouse. The programs are designed for clients using a cash register system to enter Invoices and Credits.

Retail Sales is an option module and must be purchased before it is activated.

The two components that comprise Retail Sales are Process Cash Counter Invoices and Process Store Sales Summary.

  1. The Process Cash Counter Invoices portion contains the following sub-menus:

    • Enter Cash Counter Invoices (RS41) - is used to process Invoices and Credits.

    • Print Cash Counter Sls Summary (RS44) - is used to print a detailed list of the Invoices and Credits produced in RS41.

    • Clear Cash Counter Sales File (RS90) - is used to clear the Cash Counter Sales File.

  2. The Process Store Sales Summary portion contains the following sub-menus:

    • Enter Store Sales Summary (RS51) - is used to enter store sales by Inventory class, as submitted daily by the store.

    • Print Store Sales Register (RS54) - is used to print the Cash Sales Journal from the entries in RS51.

    • Print Store Sales Report (RS81) - products a Cash Sales Report by store once RS54 is executed.

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