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The RB or Warehouse Management module provides an interface between the paperless warehouse management system (WMS) and the PointForce Enterprise (PFE) inventory system. Transactional information is passed between the two systems to streamline invoicing and receiving processes. Orders and purchase orders are entered in PFE and then downloaded to WMS for shipping/receiving. Actual shipping and receiving information entered in WMS is uploaded into PFE for the automatic generation of invoices for orders, and controls for the receiving of stock. Stock adjustments entered in WMS are uploaded into PFE to keep the inventory systems synchronized, and further tools are provided for physical stock counts and synchronization of the two inventory systems.

Here is a diagram that depicts the relationship between PFE and WMS:

    WMS chart

Features of WMS:

  • Download Enterprise order, PO, RMA, and adjustment related information to the WMS handheld system.

  • Handle goods once.

  • Accurate and timely order fulfillment - verify each product interactively using bar codes and RF 'laser' handhelds.

  • Flexible picking styles and combinations including wave, zone, batch, product and carton picking.

  • Upload order pick, PO receiving, RMA receiving, and WMS adjustment related information to Enterprise.

For more information on the programs in the WMS module, click on the links above.