Multibin Warehousing

Stock Management

Warehouse Initialization

Enterprise provides support for multiple warehouses within a single company. For each warehouse requiring Multi-bin Warehousing, the Company Control Initialization (CC00) program's Multi-Bin Warehouse Control folder is used to configure the following information:

  • Bin/Loc Coding Structure - A Bin Code Structure can be configured to represent Zones, Aisles, Sections and Levels. This entry is optional and is used when a pattern exists in the structure of all bin/locs codes. Usually a code would consist of a zone, an aisle, a section and a level. The entry allowed is a combination of 'z a s l' defining the structure of all bin/loc in the warehouse. If no structure is entered, the Auto Creation command is disabled.

  • General Receiving Bin/Loc - Is set If the normal receiving process is to receive to one bin/loc (staging area) and then relocate. The receiving program will then default the bin/loc to this code and no extra entry will be required. If a warehouse receives stock via transfers from the main warehouse, it must have a General Receiving Bin/Loc, since all transfers are being done internally, the operator would not have a chance to enter receiving bin/locs.

  • Credit Note Rec Bin/Loc - The Enter Invoices, Direct Bills & Credits (IN41) program will use the Credit Note Rec Bin/Loc as the default bin/loc to received returned stock into.

  • Split Picking from Open Stock & Bulk - If the Split Picking from Open Stock & Bulk (CC00/WH) option is enabled, the quantity is split between SKUs and cases. Cases are deemed to be a quantity of the SKU equal to the Inner Pack quantity. The SKUs are picked from Primary (PRIM) type Bin/Locs, while cases are picked from Bulk/Overstock (BULK) type of bins. However when a Receiving Area (RECV) type Bin/Loc is first in the Order of Picking, both SKUs and cases are picked from that location until there is no more availability from that Bin/Loc. The picking process then resumes with the normal Primary (PRIM) and Bulk/Overstock (BULK) Order of Picking.

    • If the Split Picking from Open Stock & Bulk (CC00/WH) option is disabled, then the total units are picked from Bin/Locs in Order of Picking sequence.

    • The process picks complete quantities from one bin if the order line is flagged to do so. Otherwise the first picked bin is used until emptied and another one is used to pick the balance.

For more information on the programs used within the Multi-Bin Warehousing module, click on the links above.