eSales Interface


The eSales system enables salespeople to create orders on a handheld device and transfer these orders via several different methods to PointForce Enterprise (PFE) for automatic processing.

  • Prior to setting up eSales, you must ensure that the e-Sales Interface folder in Company Control Initialization (CC00) is completed. For details on CC00/e-Sales Interface, click here.

Here is a diagram of the eSales module within PFE:

Overview of eSales:

  • Designed to work with hand held devices offered by third party vendors.

  • Salespeople can connect via third party providers to download inventory and customers to the handheld device and upload orders to for automatic processing by PFE.

  • Exports the following master files to the eSales server:

    • Customer Master file - based on salesperson and/or territory filters
    • Inventory Master file
    • Ship-to Master file

  • Imports orders created on the handheld device into PFE.

    • Orders that have an open status are not sent to PFE. Only closed orders are sent.

  • Only purchase product (PP) and assembled set (AS) product types are supported.

  • Fax or e-mail order confirmations.