Refresh Data Message in PointForce iTopia

In the maintainable tables in PointForce iTopia, when two users are working on the same record and one user saves/submits the record, the second user will receive the following message when they attempt to save/submit the record:

In order to save the changes, the second user must close the record, recall it, make (re-do) the required changes to the record, and then re-save/submit.


  1. This logic does not apply to the Customers (ibis_sucu.su13) table. This table is transactional and has its own locks.

  2. The refresh data message logic does not extend to records edited using the Update field or the Edit with Excel feature. In both of these cases, the last change made to the table will be the one that takes effect when two users are editing the same record in the table.

Additional Info for Products (ICI1) table:

  • Because the primary supplier from P/O Purchasing Information (ibis_popi.po13) is used in the header section of the Products (ibis_ici1.im13) view (on the details page), the refresh data message will only display if columns in ICI1 are modified after the POPI record has been created. Any additional or modified information will not be saved.

  • This message will not display if two users are are adding notes, warehouse information or pricing information. In these three cases, no data will be lost.