November 2010:

SUCU Fields that Cannot be Modified

To all of our 6.1.0 PointForce Enterprise users currently working with PointForce iTopia version 7.7, we have discovered a limitation when using PFiT's Edit with Excel or "grid" edit functionality for the Customer Master (SU13) view (SUCU table).

Issue Definition:

  • When using the Edit with Excel feature, or when editing fields directly in the grid on the Search Criteria/Results page for the Customer Master (SU13) table, you cannot modify the following four fields:

    • Send Statements
    • E-mail Account's Statements to Contact
    • Send Invoice
    • E-mail Invoice to Contact

  • When any of these four fields are changed, you will not be able to save the record.

  • This is an iTopia 7.7 Framework limitation that has been corrected in version 8.x of iTopia.

  • There is no fix available for version 7.7.

Work Around:

  • To update these fields, you must open the SU13 view and on the Details Page update these fields and then Save the record.

    Here is an example of the fields on the Details page of the Customer Master (SU13) view:

  • Note: You can still use the Edit with Excel and the "grid" edit for the Customer Master (SU13) table, but just not for these four fields identified above.


  • This issue has been resolved in iTopia 8.x.

  • We are currently planning on releasing our next iTopia version using 8.2 sometime in the 2011 Development year, so for those who upgrade, they will get the update Framework and fix.