Photo Quote Forms

Photo Quote Directories (IM80)
Photo Quote Forms (IM81)
Product Info Sheet Generation (IM82)

The optional Photo Quote Sheets component of Enterprise provides an integrated photo-quoting vehicle to serve all your Customers' product information needs. Highly flexible, this tool enables you to create customer-specific quoting designs as well as a generic corporate format in the industry standard Excel format.

Four standard templates offer flexibility and customization with the variations of one, two or four product images per page. A flexible mapping tool enables you to customize the Photo Quote Sheet to meet customer-specific requirements. As the Photo Quote Sheet is output into Excel spreadsheets, data can be manipulated, pricing overrides can be accommodated and the sheets saved on your network or workstation for reference or use at a later date.

The Photo Quote Sheets component is made up of the following programs:

  • Define Photo Quote Directories (IM80)
  • Maintain Photo Quote Forms (IM81)
  • Generator Product Information Sheets (IM82)

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