Month End Procedures

Month End by Module
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General Information for Month End Procedures:

This section of the Online Help outlines the procedures for running the Month End process for all of the modules with a Month End.

  • Diagnostics - It is recommended before beginning any Month End closing or reporting, that the appropriate diagnostic routines be run in each system. These are listed as part of the list of programs that must be run for Month End. For additional information on Diagnostics programs in Enterprise, click here.

  • Purge Programs - Purge programs permanently remove historical records from the database. These housekeeping programs improve performance of display and reporting programs because there are fewer records to process. For additional information on the various Purge programs in Enterprise, click here.

  • Closing Periods - For those systems (AP, AR, and SA) with their own fiscal period closing control date, you do not need to close the current open period before you begin posting transactions into the next period. These systems allow postings into the current and next fiscal periods simultaneously. You have until the end of the "next" period to close the current period. (For example, April must be closed by the end of May before June's transactions may be posted.) The Invoicing Period End control date is "rolled" forward when Period End is run for the Sales Analysis system (Close Sales Fiscal Period SA89).

    General Ledger allows entries to prior, current and future periods. All sub-systems pass their distribution postings to the G/L Collector file, where they stay until Month End is run in the G/L system (Preliminary/Final GL Report GL81/Final). As each G/L Month End is processed, only those transactions belonging to the current (or any prior) fiscal periods are posted to the appropriate Period End balance fields. Month End for the G/L system is totally independent from other sub-system closings. The current period for the G/L can be left open for as long as is needed to book the appropriate closing/adjusting entries.

For information on the Month End procedures for each specific module, click on the links listed above.