Day End Procedures

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General Information for Month End Procedures:

This section of the Online Help outlines the procedures for running the Day End process for all of the modules with a Day End cycle.

  • Audit Trails - It is recommended that all audit trails and registers be run once a day. This will ensure that all sub-system updates and postings to the General Ledger have occurred on a timely basis.

  • Register Programs - Various reports in PointForce Enterprise not only provide information but also perform updates within the software and post into the general ledger. Upon completion, the user is presented with a Report Complete window prompting for the input of Acceptance Codes; upon input of these two codes from the printed report, PFE will perform the updates & postings listed.

    • Here is an example of the Report Complete window:

    Because many of these reports cannot be printed again, and because they form the detailed 'backup' of summary entries made into the general ledger, the paper printouts should be safeguarded and stored for convenient future reference if needed.

    The following programs produce "Registers":

Program Updates Performed
Accounts Receivable:
AR31     Print Cash Receipts/Adjustments Updates customerís A/R, posts to G/L accordingly
AR58     Print Alter Terms Audit Trail Adjusts customerís open A/R by altering invoice terms
Accounts Payable:
AP31     Invoice Audit Trail Report Updates vendorís stats & open A/P, posts to G/L accordingly
AP33     Freight Invoice Audit Trail Updates freight invoices assigned in AP32
AP51     Manual Cheque Register Updates vendorís stats & open A/P, posts to G/L accordingly
AP43     Computer Cheque Register Updates vendorís stats & open A/P, posts to G/L accordingly
AP81     Cancelled Cheques Register Cancels A/P cheque, updates vendorís stats, reinstates A/P
General Ledger:
GL31     Print/Post Journal Vouchers Performs postings into G/L
Inventory Control:
IC51     Print Stock Adjustments Report Performs postings into G/L for products adjusted
IN44     Print Invoice Register Updates customerís A/R, posts to G/L accordingly
PO64     Print Receiving Register Updates open POs from vendor, posts to G/L (r/a only)
RM86     Print Customer Recode/Merge Log
RM73     Print G/L Recode/Merge Log
RM83     Print Product Recode/Merge Log
RM76     Print Vendor Recode/Merge Log

For information on the Day End procedures for each specific module, click on the links listed above.

Once you run through the Day End procedures for each module, the invoice cycle (Day) will be complete. At this point you may wish to shutdown and re-boot your UNIX / NT system, just to keep everything clean. This can be performed daily (or more realistically, weekly).

  • Variations on the above modules should be tailored to your specific needs depending on the use of job streaming and custom requirements - your SMB Business Consultant can work with you in this regard.