PointForce Enterprise Purge Programs - Quarterly

Purge programs are designed to remove data from the database which in turn improves the performance of your system. If automation of any purge program is required, then contact smbservices@tecsys.com for a quote to write the scripts necessary for the automated process to run from the Windows Task Scheduler (i.e. "Scheduled Task" in Windows 7).

The following purge programs should be run quarterly:

Purge Program Description Recommendation
Purge Converted RMAs
Purges RMAs that have been converted to Credit Notes, Invoices or Sales Orders up to and including the purge date entered. Note: RMAs that have no detail lines with a date prior to or equal to the purge date entered are also purged by IN88. Details will no longer show in IN67. [File: INRM/INRMD] Quarterly, leaving three or four months of RMAs on file.
Sales Order Purge
Removes all Sales Order lines for the specified season code(s). If you do not have Season Codes set up in 'Maintain Inventory Tables' (IN09/Season Codes), you cannot run OE87. [File: OE00] A few weeks after a given season is complete.