PointForce Enterprise Purge Programs - Monthly

Purge programs are designed to remove data from the database which in turn improves the performance of your system. If automation of any purge program is required, then contact smbservices@tecsys.com for a quote to write the scripts necessary for the automated process to run from the Windows Task Scheduler (i.e. "Scheduled Task" in Windows 7).

The following purge programs should be run monthly:

Purge Program Description Recommendation
Delete Paid Off Invoices
Deletes all invoices which have been paid off on or before the chosen purge date from the AR Open Items file. These items will no longer show in SU45/C3 folder. This means you will not be able to backdate an Aging prior to the Purge date. Note: These invoices are still available for viewing in IN45 and payments in SU45-C4 folder.
[File: ARAR]
Monthly, leaving one or two months of open AR items on file or annually, should you want to run back-dated aging reports.
Purge Inventory Movement
Purges Inventory Movement transactions and/or Bin/Lot/Serial Movement transactions up to and including the entered Purge Date for ALL Warehouses. Details will no longer show in IC45/V3 folder or report on IC80.
[File: ICIM]
Bin/Lot/Serial Movement: Monthly, leaving two or three months of Bin/Lot/Serial movement history on file.
Movement: See the help for Purge Programs Run Annually.
Purge Lot/Serial Transactions
Purges Bin/Lot/Serial records for a selected warehouse and is only relative to multi-bin installations, or lot-serial installations where invoice history and purchasing history has already been purged. Details will no longer show in IC45/V2 folder.
Single Bin Warehouses: Without using Serial/Lot control, IC91 should not be run; with Serial/Lot control, see the help for Purge Programs Run Annually.
Multi Bin Warehouses: Monthly, using a purge date of about 3 months prior to the current date.
Running this purge consistently is critical to the effective use of Multi-bin. If there has been any activity in the bin after the purge date used, then IC91 will not purge activity in that bin until a subsequent run. If there has been no activity in the bin since the purge date and there are no quantities of product living in the bin, then IC91 will purge the old movement related to the bin, unless the history includes lot control transactions or serial number transactions that are related to still yet existing invoice history or purchasing history.