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Fax System - Systems Functional Overview:

Enterprise Fax enables three types of faxing from Enterprise programs:

  1. Batch Faxing
  2. Demand Faxing
  3. Report Faxing

Here are some additional details on each of the types of faxes used by the Fax system:

  1. Batch Faxing - automates the process of faxing Invoices, Credit Notes, Statements and Purchase Orders. You can configure Invoice/Credit and Statement faxing on a customer by customer basis using the Maintain Customer Master (SU13) program. Purchase Orders can be configured Supplier by Supplier in the Maintain Supplier Master (PO11) program. When a Batch Faxing enabled program is run both a fax device and printer device are selected and the appropriate device is used according to the fax settings for the customer or supplier.

    Batch Faxing from the Print Invoices & Credit Notes (IN42) and Print Purchase Orders (PO42) program can group multiple documents to be faxed to the same client into one fax transmission to decrease the time and expense when long distance charges are a factor. This feature is enabled by selecting the Customer Invoice Print Sequence (CC00/Invoicing) and the Supplier Print Sequence (CC00/Purchasing).

  2. Demand Faxing - from display or transaction programs allows you to send the current document through the fax gateway. This feature is supported in programs such as Enter Orders & Quotes (OE30), Enter Invoices, Direct Bills & Credits (IN41), Display Invoices from History (IN45) and Create Purchase Orders (PO40). If the customer or supplier from the document has a fax number on file in SU13 or in the Maintain Purchasing Info (PO13) program, it will be retrieved for use in the fax dialog.

  3. Report Faxing - can be used to send any report from Enterprise through the fax gateway. This functionality can be enabled for specific programs and access to those programs can be controlled using Enterprise's Operator Password & Privileges (CC03) program or it can be enabled for general use.

General Overview:

  • The Fax module enables intelligent faxing of invoices, statements, purchase orders, and quotes from your workstation. Virtually anything you can print from Enterprise can be directed to the fax gateway. As an added benefit, when you enable Enterprise Fax you are also enabling your Windows-based applications, such as those in the Microsoft Office suite, with the ability to fax! Implementing Enterprise Fax can increase staff productivity within Enterprise and across the entire enterprise and can result in substantial savings in time, postage, forms and other paper expenses.

The following list outlines the features of using the Fax component of Forms eXpress:

  1. Scalable Fax Support:
    • Enterprise Fax can host multiple simultaneous fax devices associated with multiple simultaneous fax gateway products.
    • Enterprise Fax ships with built in support for LANSource's FaxPort as a fax gateway; other gateways may be available in the future or can be built by your technical staff using the interface published in the Enterprise Fax Gateways Programmers Guide.
    • LANSource FaxPort scales to support from "4 modems to unlimited"

  2. Intelligent Batch Faxing from Enterprise:
    • Customer's and Vendor's can be configured to have their invoices, statements or purchase orders faxed automatically rather than printed when the Print invoices, Credit Notes (IN42) and Print Purchase Orders (PO42) program are executed.
    • Multiple invoices or purchases orders to the same customer or supplier are automatically appended together to make one fax.

  3. Intelligent Cover Page & Attachment Selection:
    • Enterprise Fax can be configured to use a simple, single set of defaults.
    • Each Sales Office/Warehouse can be configured to dynamically select the appropriate Fax Device, Cover Page and Attachment.
    • Configure important documents to be faxed immediately and others to be faxed at a later time to take advantage of long distance saving and the fax system's availability.
    • Attachments can be created in the Fax Server using any Windows-based application that can print. Create an advertisement, create a holiday message, create a terms and conditions attachment to accompany quotations and configure Enterprise Fax to automatically attach it to invoices, statements, quotes, purchase orders.

  4. Rapid Demand Faxing from Enterprise:
    • A point and shoot interface allows you send a document through Enterprise Fax in as little as three keystrokes. Customer/Supplier names, fax numbers and document numbers are automatically configured for you.
    • Send quotes from the Enter Orders & Quotes (OE30) program.
    • Send invoices from the Enter Invoices, Direct Bills & Credits (IN41) program.
    • Send an invoice from history using the Display Invoices from History (IN45) program.
    • Send a purchase order immediately using the Create Purchase Orders (PO40) program.
    • Send a customer statement immediately from the Customer Inquiries (SU45) program. Send a copy of every unpaid invoice along with it by clicking one check box.

  5. Custom Fax Documents:
    • Enterprise Client Services or your own technical staff can enable your custom Enterprise documents for demand or batch reporting using the Enterprise Fax Programmer's Guide.

  6. Send Faxes from other Windows Applications:
    • LANSource FaxPort automatically fax-enables almost any Windows-based application.
    • Send faxes, complete with cover sheets and attachments, directly from your PC - no more walking to the fax machine, waiting in line, waiting for the fax to be transmitted, etc. Simply type your fax at your workstation, and send it. If you wish, you can send your fax immediately, or at some time in the future.
    • Uses same fax modems and phone lines.

  7. Receive Faxes into FaxPort:
    • FaxPort provides seven methods for routing received faxes to the intended recipients:
      • Administrative Routing
      • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
      • Dual Tone Modular Frequency (DTMF)
      • Port/Line Routing
      • Calling Station Identification (CSID)
      • Area Number Identification Service (ANIS)
      • Dialed Number Identification System (DNIS)

  8. FaxPort Client Send Log:
    • The FaxPort Client Send Log allows you to monitor the progress of the fax gateway.
    • Easily identify faxes that have not been transmitted and re-submit to be faxed, print the document or cancel it.

  9. Security:
    • Integrates with popular Windows-based network security to ensure that only those with proper authorization can see documents faxed by others.

  10. Save Money & Time with Enterprise Fax:
    • It is estimated that each manual fax takes a minimum of 10 minutes to send. If your company sends an average of 25 faxes a day, that equals about 1040 hours to fax documents each year (25/day x 10 minutes ea. x 250 working days/year /60 minutes). Since it takes about 1 minute to send a fax electronically, this frees up 936 hours of your staff's time each year! Further, if you estimate an overhead cost of $20.00/hour (this is a very conservative figure), your savings annually is $20,800 at this volume.